Which test series is at par with difficulty levels of the CAT: AIMCAT, Handa Ka Funda, Cracku, What is the difficulty level of the current AIMCAT? 1, Views. DIRECT DOWNLOAD! time aimcat pdf повідомлень: . Aimcat pdf pdf Aimcat pdf Aimcat pdf DOWNLOAD!. AIMCAT Schedule AIMCAT Schedule AIMCAT Ref. AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT

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I hope I would start my prep from the very minute Best viewed on x resolution.

Not in top B schools. How should a student prepare for the CAT, keeping all this in view. Initially you may require more time. This will ensure that you cover all the areas in every 2 days.

SM is good for a start.

Aimcat 1015 discussion(Please Dont Click if you have not taken the test)

I haven’t done material of verbal ability a great deal,also I need to hone my skills in L. Please do speed vs accuracy analysis of your Mocks.


This is bound to frustrate a student like me, who has focused much within the realm of scope of CAT. Pls call up your centre on this and seek help. Can we get any other material with advanced questions? Hello sir, Sir i am preparing for cat Do not ignore any of the chapters as You got plenty of time.

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Aimcatt should plan to complete all the basic SMs by July end, if possible, and take up the foundation and intermediate level sectional tests.

But I couldn’t locate it. In case you still feel the basics are not clear then you may scan through 8,9,10 standard Mathematics- school text books.

Chat Transcript

Chat on MBA as a career option. Last minute preparation tips for NMAT. Attend classes for these topics. How to prepare for Permutations and Combinations topic? Nothing like a particular number of hrs for DI alone.

[OFFICIAL] AIMCAT – 1312 DISCUSSION THREAD (Please Do nOt OpeN if you have not takEn the tEst)

Have loads of self confidence. You should ensure that you distribute the time among all the three areas.


Quality of time is more important than quantum of time spent. Plan for an hr or so every day for revising your concepts in QA to ensure you strengthen you’re basics as well as don’t lose touch. High, provided you prepare will. Then solve ex b.

Revise speed maths concepts, ppl,ama are the min basics required to start with. Chat on “MBA as a career option”. This will help a lot. You should always start with easy question, the attempt the moderate aimcar and if time permit, look for tackling difficult questions. Preparation tips for Data Interpretation.

They provide 10 full-length Mock tests with detailed analysis and complete solution. Siri m selected in mdi and a final yr student of duwat will happen if i get reappear in any paper in final results krishnakumar: Preparations tips – English Language for Bank Exams.