Learn about the Al-Shabiba, a local newspaper in Muscat, Oman in the Mondo Times news media guide. Print Media – Newspapers. Al Shabiba. Surf our Website City: Ruwi Muscat. Tel: Fax: E-mail: [email protected] Project Information. Times of Oman & Al Shabiba Newspapers. Skills: Adobe InDesign; Adobe Photoshop. Client: Times of Oman & Al Shabiba, Muscat, Oman .

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Al Shabiba | MEDIA GATE

Here is my Briyani Dajav chicken, which comes in a pot with delicious rice mixed with nuts, and a light, vegetable-based soup with lemmon.

I am told that there is flexibility on how they are utilized. Wow, we think this is it: We think we like what we already have, but apparently the big boss wants to see other versions. It seems to work, but this is still work in progress. How logo would fit at the top of Page One in this prototype page. The days when a designer facing the task of redesigning an Arab language newspaper got quickly frustrated over the lack of typographic variety are over.

So far it is usually magazines that project demos, so I found these to be quite interesting.

That, I think, will always be a trademark of Arabic language publications generally. We quickly evolved from that one, but it goes to show that dealing with an Nwespaper alphabet presents challenges we never have to worry about with a Latin alphabet, for example.

I was honored to work with him through the years, and what a thrill it was to see him in neewspaper How can one go modern, but not sacrifice the charm of the Arab character in the alphabet.


We hope that by the end of Monday, sbabiba should have agreed on the final Al Shabiba logo! One thing is for sure, many Arab language newspapers are NOW very ready to make design a part of their culture.

Al Shabiba Akhbar Today ePaper in Arabic (العربية)

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Nassim, however, is that it was designed for Tasmeemthe remarkable plug-in for InDesign ME that brings traditional Arabic a refinement to typography.

Reed Reibstein has sent me some materials that I also find of importance for all of us before we head out to business meetings next week: Arabian food at the highest level in Muscat: We use it for Al Shabiba.

Links to interesting weekend reads. A superb summary of 15 video demonstrations of prototype publications on the iPad, from exact replicas of the newspapet editions to truly interactive magazines.

I went for dinner before, and the ambience was totally different, a shisha at every table, or should I say cozy tables with see through glass that allows for a peek at the exhibit zl artifacts under the glass, and little benches with comfy cushions. Designers are busy printing latest versions. He and I often discuss the topic, especially now that he knows I am deeply involved with the launch of Al Shabiba here in Muscat. Frutiger Arabic see details below.

So I take a good look and I see that we have a system of dividing lines. Each time he would produce a winner, whether it was restoration or creation. Sheen 1 carries a lot of visual impact; but some of the Arab calligraphy experts in the room say: It is Saturday in hot try 42C and sunny Muscat, but we only see the sun thru the windows, as we are diligently working on doing final tweaks to the logo of Al Shabiba. As we are doing final retouching of the Al Shabiba logo, six days prior to launch, we invite you to come to the blog during the weekend and see where our work takes us Not easy to recreate Arabic characters, but we give it a try It is 4: Ariss, as some may know, revolutionized newspaper design in the late 60s when he created a version of the Minneapolis Tribune that was entirely done in Helvetica.


But Jan Kny, our Garcia Media art director Garcia Media Europe points out that the dots are too close to each otherso we ask him to separate him. Time to close the shop this Saturday, and go for a run on the beach.

Sunday updates: our work with Al Shabiba logo continues | García Media

Old logo sits at the top of a backdoor; new version latest one, anyway below. In our design work, we have not only concentrated on modern and faster navigational tools for each section, but also the creation of a softer, more modern color palette, and, a logo that is more clearly visible and says at a glance. At 69, Parkinson is still a genius to listen to.