We know that communism is the right hypothesis. All those who abandon this hypothesis immediately resign themselves to the market economy. The Communist Hypothesis has ratings and 42 reviews. Jonfaith said: The communist hypothesis is that a different collective organization is practicab. ALAIN BADIOU’S RECENT BOOK () is titled with the phrase promoted by his and Slavoj Žižek’s work for the last few years, “the communist.

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This does not necessarily mean agreement, just This collection of previous writings along rhe essentially an essay tying them together serves as a limited but useful introduction to this aspect of Badiou’s thought.

The Communist Hypothesis | Socialist Review

Quite early in the reading process, I was reminded of Combined and Uneven Apocalypse which approaches similar topics communiist a different way. Wait, I did actually say that in a few waiting rooms and on the bus His elaborations on three ‘events’ May ’68, the Cultural Revolution and the Paris Commune are used to explain the general idea of the Communist Hypothesis.

It does not symbolize the Real, the Idea itself. This is our task, during the reactionary interlude that now prevails: This creates comunist particular dialectic of war and fear.

Destruction is not always the difficult aspect but rather filling the void left in the resultant space. Here, a fully formed, yet collective, subject chooses to become the militant exponent of the eternal political Idea that invalidates the state-world the subject lives under. As a Marine in the Cold War, I was committed to defending America and its badipu from the communists.

The Moroccan worker will forcefully affirm that his traditions and customs are not those of the petty-bourgeois European; he will even reinforce the characteristics of his religious or customary identity.


The present decomposition of the Socialist Party, however, is not just a matter of communst political poverty, apparent now for many years, nor of the actual size of the vote—47 per cent is not much worse than its other recent scores. May 28, Derek Ide rated it liked it. But does a single world of human subjects exist?


I needed a little more hand-holding than was available through the brief theoretical philosophy sections, but Badiou’s summarizations were enough to keep me on board and up to speed. The event symbolizes the discovery of the Real.

The Communist Manifesto was a fucking pamphlet, and it changed everything in the world. Revolutions don’t seem to be able to emerge as a result of the obvious struggles and conflicts that we all see and live through right now.

The single world is precisely the place where an unlimited set of differences exist. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The Communist Hypothesis

For Badiou Communism can and must continue to be the idea to strive for and uses his own philosophical ideas to determine the fidelity of each event to the some true idea of communism And it does and does not work in it’s own ways. If you’re after a theoretical development of the “communist hypothesis” skip to the last lecture, where you’ll no doubt begin writing down Badou’s more theoretical texts where he develops his ontology in more detail.

In fact, writes Badiou, the central proscription of this world is not to live with any idea other than oneself-as-consumer. He arrives at a point of failure for all three examples, but his historical arch is counter-linear, starting with May of ’68 and ending with the Paris Commune, in order to show the repetitive nature of some aspects of rebellion.

By defending the Maoist and Soviet systems, Badiou is just repeating the same failures over again. To exist on the level of the Real, history could only come about after the end of humanity. This aside does raise an incredibly difficult issue, though, which the whole book alternately discusses and dances around: In fact, every example of a communist revolution has happened in an undeveloped country.


Why this glorious Pantheon of revolutionary heroes? Badiou sees this meaning in the paradigm and the dialectic,if you will,refering to the party-state model of organization and it’s alternatives. In other words, a reasonably basic interpret that as you will historic knowledge is preferred if you don’t wish to flounder through paragraph after paragraph on events such as the Wahun incident et al. Some of these regimes made real strides in education, public health, the valorization of labour, and so on; and they provided an international constraint on the arrogance of the imperialist powers.

O livro me estimulou muito a conhecer mais profundamente o pensamento de Mao e mais detalhes sobre a Comuna de Paris. It is refusing to get back up. Marx and Engles explained what was needed for communism to start. And no one is asked to love a law, simply to obey it. The virtue of courage constructs itself through endurance within the impossible; time is its raw material.

Alain Badiou takes four coordinates for a tour de force of terse analysis: A multiple that is an object of this situation – whose elements are indexed by the transcendental of this situation – is a site if it happens to count itself within the referential field of its own indexation. When you fail, you want to learn from your mistakes, not repeat them. One thing that came to mind whilst I read this book was how communism would manifest given the 21st century level of economic development.

Heroism has always been represented not as a virtue but as a posture: The Soviet Union and China were, and in China’s case still is, a totalitarian state.