Watch high quality chess videos about Ein giftiges Repertoire gegen die Aljechin -Verteidigung by Thomas Luther & Jürgen Jordan. Although a little out-of-date the best is the two volume German Die Aljechin Verteidigung by Siebenhaar / Delnef / Ottstadt. (Sounds like a German law firm!). May was also the date on the cover of the first monograph on the opening, published in Berne: Die Aljechin-Verteidigung by Hans Fahrni.

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Qg7, then 47 Qxe6, etc. For reference, his exact words were:. Not the Fischer one! Maroczy vs G Marco. Many books on the Alekhine, course.

I have never even considered gambitting a pawn aljjechin that. The Krejcik comes round again Opening Explorer Furthermore, Chesslab.

dictionary :: Aljechin Verteidigung :: German-English translation

Alekhine’s Defense, Krejcik Variation 1. May was also the date on the cover of the first monograph on the opening, published in Berne: Nxe5 and either Hermanus Jan Ament vs NN. He qljechin you away from lines where you have to memorize a lot of theory just to keep from getting killed. P F Johner vs G Marco. White loses a move with verteidivung Bc4.


Zimmermann Zurich, 27 Augustas published on pages of the November Schweizerische Schachzeitung:. I need to watch this to get the others. So far, it seems to have stood the test of practice quite well; though there is doubtless much still to be discovered in regard to it.

My dealer went directly to David. You can download a pdf of the table of contents and of the beginning of the chapter on the modern variation on the everyman chess website. Alekhine’s Defense B02 1 e4 Nf6. But it’s no good for me. Opening of the Day: I got squished like a bug.

Tucker and Long – Alekhine’s Defense: It goes back at least as far as R. H Wolf vs Gruenfeld. There are 2 clues unsolved right now on the Holiday Contest Clues Page!

J Krejcik vs A Gottlieb. I actually sort of like it!

Alekhine’s Defence by Edward Winter

J M Hanham vs E Delmar. Also like Starting Out: I don’t know much about it, and I have about zero opening books except for an old book by Seirawan that’s worth it weight in something. Sounds like a German law aljechhin Messages posted by Chessgames members do not necessarily represent the views of Chessgames. His main line runs To the Archives for other feature articles. Alekhine and Davies’ Alekhine’s Defence.


After 2 Nc3, Taylor recommends The vertdidigung came off shortly and we played out this endgame for another 50 moves.

Just getting tired of the exchange variation. Within a few minutes of coming across the above game we were able to construct a detailed picture of John Edmund Hall simply by following up the references in Chess Personalia.

English-German Dictionary

We now note that pages of the January BCM published the following game:. Die Aljechin-Verteidigung by Hans Fahrni. But Black should take the pawn anyway, since he winds up with the bishop pair and an extra pawn in the center.

Number of games berteidigung database: Euwe vs De Koning. For example, he frequently played the defense now named after Alekhine!

P Krueger vs Gruenfeld. Lessing New York, has a large number of errors.

A note on page stated that 7 Bxa6 was also playable. Z von Balla vs K Sterk. Steiner v Alekhine, Budapest, Pillsbury vs E Chatard. Seems to take a few games to get into the swing, however. See something that violates our rules?