AmeriPlanMD Plus ($). 25*. $ $. AmeriPlan® Lifestyle Brochures ($ stair step or $ full price). 25*. $ $. The nation’s premier Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO), saving its members hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare benefits since DisClOsures TO COnsuMers.: These discount medical plans are NOT health insurance or a MediCare Prescription Drug Plan. Membership in these programs .

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Originally Posted by wahm1 Hi – Please post when you got these brochures as our price plan and brochures changed effective June 1. Theres lots more, but I listed mostly all of it. Teal is the dark blue color right Here are some of the reasons why the AmeriPlan business opportunity is so good: Not everyone is interested in online advertising so broxhure also have off-line advertsing ideas.

Here are some of brkchure reasons why our AmeriPlan business opportunity is growing so fast: When you get a new member for the dental, health or free RX plans it is important to send out a letter with your info and what to expect. Use this letter with one of the envelopes below, to mail with a dental or health brochure to prospective members who have an interest but do not immediately signup when you call.

Prospecting Letters – AmeriPlan Training

Use this letter to send with a brochure to friends and family. If they ask you questions when you follow-up and you do not know the answers; get them on the phone with a team leader and we will help you.

Would you like to make money with our opportunity? It automatically makes you “commission qualified” too. You will want to buy or sell ONE membership and AmeriPlan business owners generally prefer buying their own and experiencing the savings first-hand. The advertising to the left will not show if you are a registered user. Call or write today!


Flyers & Brochures

It’s worth checking with IBO support whether ih brochures that are listed above are still being used in Florida the red fee schedule ones. It happened for me and it can happen for you – with our training and support system. After you join, I will call you and send you an e-mail introducing you to the training website and helpful conference calls.

Fortune is in the Followup. This is also a brocuhre opportunity to insert a brochure and a few free RX cards for your members to share with others. If you are interested please email me at: I am wanting to get rid of it all at once, but I might be willing to sell a couple of things seperate, it all depends on what you want to buy.

Secure your future success today by becoming commission qualified when you join.

Wouldn’t you rather stay at home with your children or be free from the pressure of a boss who likes to micro-manage your work?

We all get a lot of emails everyday. Qualify to receive commissions. Your goal with businesses is to make an appointment, so in person contact is very important and preferable if prospecting locally. These plans do NOT make payments directly to the provider of medical services and prescription drugs. Let’s team up together and make YOU some money! April 6, – AmeriPlan rolls out new member websites for dental and health program customers.

I’m committed to helping you succeed! I think they are but I haven’t checked.

If brochur would be worth your while, I’d be interested in the tooth IBO brochures, and what if dvd’s, and the teal and all the green dental brochures Choose your plan – Select the membership program of your choice! Hi – Please post when you got these brochures as our price plan and brochures changed effective June 1.


Welcome to AmeriPlan!

Feel free to contact me by phone and I’ll be happy to discuss this opportunity with you. Gain the opportunity to experience the savings and become a “product of the product.

Working my business from home on a part-time basis gave me the freedom to “fire my boss. See more AmeriPlan reviews. Wow talk about a ton of stuff! Roommates, nephews, everyone is included!

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Make sure and add them to your tracking log and follow-up with them within 48 hours of the time they receive the information. So someone im the warm market in Florida might be able to use those. Even free and inexpensive software programs that I use in my business I will share with you just ask!

You can send emails right away and will have to wait for brochures ib arrive in the mail. Your life is full of precious things: Daily checks and full commission dental plans have contributed to the success of this program.

The old Dental ones This is a letter to use if you are contacting businesses about an employee benefits package. Start today and build a residual income as you work from home.