pasu buddhi · devraj indra · bankelal aur kalyug · bankelaal aur bhokal · sundar sena · sanjeevani · kumbh ka mela · chatni swyamvar · daku chidiya · kailash. Bankelal is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles . sanjeevani; sundar sena; bankelaal aur bhokal; bankelal aur kalyug. BAAP KA RAJ HAI · BANKELAL AUR KALYUG · BELMUNDA KA KHAZANA · BRAMHAND RAKSHAK · CHAKRA · DAAV PER DUNIYA · EK SE BADHKAR EK .

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She can sense any woman’s cry and pain in the world and can turn into light and travel at the speed of bankeal. Bankelal Aur Bakasur 31 images. Story develops further with the lalyug of sages, yogis, Devi-Devtas and Rakshas, each of whom comes with incredible humorous twist to the story. Gulabati was a devotee of Lord ‘Shiva’ and a child was offered to them as a blessing from the Lord.

Bankelal Aur Devta Ki Mani 64 images. Bankelal Aur Jadugar Danga 40 images. Chamatkari Jaden 58 images. Kaatpeet Ki Lakdi 32 images. Bankelal Aur Peeche Pada Bhalu 32 images.


Holi Hai 30 images. Feeki Khichdi 30 images. Bankelal Kankaal Lok Mein 32 images. Jadoogar Karara 30 images. His mother offered them a banmelal of milk unaware that her naughty child had put a frog in the milk!

Chanda killed her husband in the form of Shakti. Shakti is Maha Kali – Great Kali.

Chatni Swayamvar 49 images. Shadyantrakaari Aatma 33 images. Zehar Aur Amrit 58 images. Laash ki Talaash 33 images. Chamatkari Murtiya bnkelal images. Swarg Ki Musibat 32 images. Bankelal is a fictional comic book characterthat appears in comic books published by Raj Comics. Aayi Bala Talo 32 images. Bankelal Aur Kabada 30 images. Bankelal Aur Mukaalat 30 images.

Bedi Aur Bodi 60 images. Bankelal Aur Chor Khopdi 33 images. She is physically the strongest character in the Raj comics universe. Swapna Chor 1 images.

Ab Khulegi Pol 58 images. Jhoot Bole Kauwan Kaate 59 images. Bankelal Tataiyalok Mein 32 images. Most of the stories of the series are of only one issue.


Bali Ke Bakre 41 images. Vaidya Bankelal 58 images. Akkad Bakkad 27 images. Mukaddar Ka Dhani 33 images. Bankelal Aur Khulja Sim Sim 32 images.

The incredible amount of energy in her, when released, melts all metals and instantly molds it into shapes and designs as projected by Shakti’s mind. Swarg Ka Sinhasan 31 images. Some nearby princely states of Vishalgarh also find it hard to kill Vikram Singh until Bankelal is with him. Bankelal Aur Bhuton Ki Toli 32 images. Some notable guest appearances in Bankelal series includes Tilismdev and Bhokal.


Shakti (comics)

Bankelal Kankal Lok Main 31 images. Bankelal Aur Vikramasingh 31 images. Devraj Indra 91 images. Chhupan Chupai 16 images. Though, in her initial comics, she fought most of them because of some coincidental misunderstanding, later she became a member of “brahmand rakshak” a superheroes community similar to “justice league” in the DC Universe.

Kulakshini Mani 41 images. Bankelal Sher Ka Panja 28 images. The good thing is that his every misdeed mischief acts as a funny tickle bone ka,yug the readers. Rakshas Aur Bhagwan 48 images.

lifebook -Comics

Bankelal Vanarlok Mein 32 images. Kalp Vriksh 42 images.

Wo Mara Papad Wale Ko 32 images.