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Shannon licked cinnamon off her fingers while the woman dug tissues out of her bag. Nice book, Had good times with it every night at It does not involve lice.

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It’s early days but, so far, none of the worst-case scenarios have come to pass. While this is, of course, the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, it is also the time I typically spend counting and grumbling. And now it does!

They are fair game. On Thursday night, literary blogger Ed Champion unleashed a series of tweets at the novelist Porochista Khakpour, saying that unless she apologized for removing his post from her Facebook page, he’d publish the name of a man who’d allegedly taken nude photos of her, without her permission. Then, this morning, I was on NPR, talking gender imbalance in book reviews, why it’s tough for women in writers’ rooms, and how to cast a goat for your sit-com turns out, in Hollywood, the goats have head shots.

Have you bought it yet? It is so bonkers that we even have to point that out or defend that point of view still, now, in Then they both got lice.


Shannon considered the question. Jeffrey Eugenides, who teaches Creative Writing at my alma mater, told Salon that he didn’t know why Jodi Picoult would be the one “bellyaching” about the disparity between the ways men’s and women’s books were treated.

I felt fear doing events around publication. Women writers — even the ones whose work Franzen disdains — have a platform, and a place at the table.

It’s interesting that this willingness to count and to talk about the results means that I just might be, in the eyes of no less venerated an institution than The Nationthe “most aggrieved of the bestselling novelist” in all the land. The first chapter’s right hereand here is a lovely Kirkus review! It’s been a busy few months around here, right? On How Not To Answer Hard Questions,” which brilliantly explained all of the reasons why who gets reviewed, and where, and how often, continues to be an issue, and how many ways, in a few short paragraphs, Eugenides misses so much of the point as Holmes writeswhen you say that you’ve “heard about” an issue, “That’s a red flag.

But, while we look at the specifics and the individuals, it’s also worth considering the general, and the big picture. Of course, I got the email, and the first thing Mrs.

Cărți de Jennifer Weiner

To order In Her Shoes, click on the cover: In Her Shoes Jennifer Weiner. New to this meeting? Ten posts a day netted her five hundred dollars a week. I will expose you. It blew me away. Under the leadership of Pamela Paul, who took over last April, the New York Times Book Review has become a more inclusive, more embracing, more interesting place. If you follow me on Twitteryou can probably guess a few of them already, but a few are surprises. Female authors cease to exist as people and become merely text.


Weiner should get a Nobel Prize.

Three years after the start of a conversation about why the Times was writing so many jennjfer about Jonathan Franzen while giving literary women writers short shrift, ignoring commercial women writers completely and implicitly telling readers of romance and chick lit that they weren’t welcome, the Times has shown that it is, in fact, capable of changing.

There was this piece in the Guardian. To order Good In Bed, click on the cover: Goodnight Nobody Jennifer Weiner.


Bueno en la cama | Cover. Poster. Print | Pinterest | Books, Reading and Jennifer weiner

It was a speaker meeting. All of that should sound familiar to anyone who’s been paying attention to literary criticism and the latest Internet explosion. No, I’m not bitter.