In these pages Mouni Sadhu, the author of such well-known books as Samadhi 10 Concentration Contents PREFACE – page 9 PART I INTRODUCTION 1. Mouni Sadhu (17 August – 24 December ) was the nom de plume of Mieczyslaw . In his preface to Concentration Mouni Sadhu introduces the reader to the works of Yogi Ramacharaka and Yoga, stating: ‘More than half a century. Meditation Mouni Sadhu Concentration a Guide to Mental Masteryfixed – Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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Some will say of course, that if and when success does come, you will later on easily obtain practical benefits like those mentioned in the previous paragraph.

I can no longer move. Ho Lee rated it it was amazing Aug 27, The attention must be directed to the pronunciation of the words which should then be said many thousands of times daily. Although the mind is only a secondary power in man, compared to the higher wisdom-consciousness, known in Samadhi, which is devoid of concfntration, faults in the structure of that mind are almost an absolute barrier impossible to overcome in any study, and especially in the present one.

And often, some of them cherish the belief that the very fact of belonging to different ‘occult and initiatory’ organizations, puts them in a better position to grasp the ripe fruit of success which they imagine will fall into their hands without too much toil from their side.

Some of these are renowned and used in many Western circles because of their simplicity and rich inner content like ‘Aum’ or ‘Om 1’Hari’ the famous Gayatri, names of Christ and Siva, and many others. Mouni Sadhu was assisted in much of his writing by Nona D. Predisposition is the filter which allows certain kinds of vibrations endowed with these vasanas to enter the brain’s consciousness in a man.

In it, the primordial light—which once created life as we know it—is reached, and nothing more remains to be attained.

Mouni Sadhu Books

Vasanas can be both good and evil alike, and all of them are obstacles for the higher degrees of concentration. Such an arrangement is even against the very idea of concentrated and directed effort, which is expected from the student.


Perhaps the conception of the great Rishi Ramana Maharshi, who concentrafion only six years ago, will be more explicit. Namaste’ Return to Top of Page. But in this line of study you have to change your former nature and create something which was not present before.

I have known Hatha-yogis who have perfected their domination of breath, and by the same fact the vital energy of the body or prana, but who were still far off any worth-while mental concentration and the ruling of thoughts according to their own will. The Master becomes only the instrument of God, and when his mouth opens it speaks God’s words without effort or forethought; and when he raises a hand, God flows again through that to work a miracle.

Concentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In the invisible world where our feelings and thoughts function, as well as the spirit of the inner unchanged essence, the element of ‘attitude’ is dual, and often even composed of all three of these factors.

I forgot all my previous endeavours. The West possesses its own particular varieties of methods and exercises which ultimately lead to the same unique aim. It is worth mentioning that the idea will not appear if the possibility does not exist for the enlargement of consciousness in this way.

The exercises themselves have been limited in number to the absolutely indispensable minimum. An example may be helpful: There were no requests for earthly benefits, no thoughts and perhaps, no emotions according to the everyday meaning; but just this mute, mysterious ‘spiritual prayer’ so well known to the first Fathers of the Christian faith and to the later great followers of the Teacher Himself, like St Francis of Assisi, St Vincent, St Jean de Vianney of France who lived only a century ago and many others unknown to the general public like St Seraphim of Sarov in East Russia 18th Centuryand so on.

The first three books widely published by Mouni Sadhu form part of what he calls his ‘Mystic Trilogy’.

It is only a necessary ability and tool which allows a man a higher and better level of life-consciousness, otherwise unattainable for laymen in this wadhu subdivision of occult training. In particular, it is hoped that the exercises in Part III will serve for this purpose. It is quite a different problem to that of learning the official conceptions of, say, philosophy from books and lectures. Compelled by the storm of war to leave his family and his studies, he sat there brooding over the fate that awaited him in a few days.


Just as a falling drop merges into the ocean, so each will lose his separate existence and be absorbed into the motionless sea of Perfection. Do you agree that these half-hours or so should be free from the slavery in which you are at present held by your uncontrolled and unruly mind? Now we should turn our attention to another very important factor in a spiritual search, also based on the one-pointedness of the mind.

Sadju, we have no remembrance of any kind of our experiences in Sushupti.

Mouni Sadhu – Exercises in Concentration | Blog of my journey in concentration

The seat of our moral law must first concetration balanced, and then order comes to dwell in the pure heart. II,No 5. Quite logically, Sri Maharshi ascribes every evil and all misery to the primary ignorance i.

Still another barrier for many people which closes the door to success, is the mania or passion for reading too many books, because of their inability to make a definite choice. Can you affirm with utter certainty that you are always thinking when and only about what you really want to, and that therefore you know from where your thoughts and feelings are coming into the light of your consciousness?

Mouni Sadhu Books

It should then be lowered carefully and slowly onto the surface of the water so that it floats freely in the middle without touching the sides. From there he was transferred as a prisoner of war in Germany until Some people believe that it is impossible to practise Jnana before some degrees of Raja- and Hatha-Yogas have been mastered.

While the saint repeats his prayers day and night, the yogi will do the same with his mantras, pranic currents or mental images.