Download Form 19 and 10C – EPF India by anymoreagain in Types > Brochures, pf, and epf balance. I sent to him my EPF withdrawal form No. 19 and 10c with Rgd post No dated 23/9/ for signature and submission to concern Employee Provident. Hi Dhilip, both amount (19 & 10C) comes separately. hence, wait for some time. still if it takes more than 3 weeks, than better raise a grievance.

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You have to request your Ex-employer to approve the frm. I want to withdraw my PF balance online. I have the forms form 19, form 10c and form 31 with me. So what are the procedures I have to follow for the partial withdrawal? Do i need the approval from old company if i need dorm Consolidate PF Accounts to the current one. I am not able to transfer claim online because of validations on date.

Why are they asking money? If your kyc details have been verified, you may submit new Composite claim form aadhar directly to EPFO. Can you please correct me. Sir i applied for transfer of my fund to new account, my current employer approved but previous employer not approved till now. If it is right for the company then tell me how to follow that procedure, is there any document or form like that to follow in an organization?


How do I merge both the numbers? Does that mean I just need to ignore this point?

Kindly go through the articles. Are you contributing to EPF scheme now? Kindly go through this article — EPF partial withdrawal rules.

I had done it using OTCP portal 4 months back. Kindly advice, how do i proceed.

Regarding Signature On Epf Form N. 19 & 10c – DOC Download

When I go to my UAN it says 10 employer has validated it. If yes, what is the procedure- should I send it thru registered post or thru speed post or courier is acceptable. Do I get absolutely no money I have no information about 10c being rejected 2. So if i count total of years of experience andd is greater than 5yrs but my current pf account only 1.

Kindly take help of your new-employer too. Each contract is of one year and Now I wanted to withdraw my PF balance. Did you come out of the organization formally? My PF Form rejected.

NEW EPF withdrawal Forms – Claim without Employer’s Sign

Would i be eligible to withdraw that amount also? I was employed to one pvt company in Pune. I received the uan no.

Managed to znd a no at Bandra ofis, who simply told me to write to the grievance dept. I was able to get my UAN number too myself and logged in to the website. Do you currently have two UANs? My Joining date was My wife had left her job months ago and now she is not willing to work further more. I also tried to know status online, here I found last update You may also contact EPFO.


Recently I have got my UAN no. My employer has verified the KYC. I have 10v pf account on same UAN number, now i want to withdraw from my previous pf account without employer involvement.

Suggest you to wait for some more time before raising your grievance. You may change it and get it KYC verified by your employer.

My PF withdrawal application was rejected with the below reason: You may also visit the nearest EPF office and get the Linking done. Online withdrawal facility is not abd launched.

Are you currently employed? This is Athief Ali M,i have resigned and relieved from my position on 25 th October Dear VJ, The new rules have been cancelled.

Also, in this case of Home loan repayment to Bank, the formm would be issued in the name of Bank or her?

New EPF Withdrawal Forms – Form 19 UAN, Form 10C UAN & Form 31 UAN

But I could not check the status of my Partial withdrawal application. What can I do?

Your claim has been settled and credited to new account.