He was the son of Richard Flavel, a minister who died of the plague in while in prison for nonconformity. In short, that person must have a very soft head, or a very hard heart, or both, that could sit under his On Keeping the Heart. On Keeping the Heart is a discourse upon Proverbs , “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” Flavel intended this treatise for the. 16 quotes from Keeping the Heart: ‘Providence is like a curious piece of tapestry made of a thousand shreds, which, single, appear useless, but put toget.

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Outward sins are sins of greater infamy; but heart sins are sins of deeper guilt. By this fear of the Lord it is that men hert from evil, shake off sloth, and preserve themselves from iniquity. You might also like: A Proper Dialogue between a Gentleman and Husbandman each complaining to other their miserable calamite, through the ambition of the clergy.

He provides wisdom for believers to “keep their hearts” in these various seasons of life. Feb 10, Valerie Romero hewrt it really liked it Shelves: Thank you for your keeplng.

Keeping the Heart is a discourse upon Proverbs 4: Would you obtain an honorable testimony in the consciences of your very enemies? The uttermost importance of keeping the heart This is the concept that Flavel begins and ends with.

Near the end he laments and admonishes: Trivia About Keeping the Heart.

The state of the whole body depends upon the soundness and vigour of the heart; and the everlasting state of the whole man upon the good or ill condition of flagel soul. The middle of the book addresses different seasons in which we need to be most attentive to keeping our hearts and although very good insights are given unless you are going through one of those seasons they do not deeply keepiing, at least many of them did not with me.

Why is your heart so inconstant, especially in secret duties; why are you ready to be gone, almost as soon as you are come into the presence of God, but because your affections are not engaged?

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Keeping the Heart by John Flavel

It does this principally through considering twelve special ‘seasons’ or situations in the life of the Christian such as adversity, temptation, duty and sickness. Well advised and deliberate vows are, in some cases, very useful to guard meeping heart against some special sin. Published by Meadow Books first published He gives lines of thought that we can employ during these times in order to keep our hearts whole toward God.

Flavel was convicting but also extremely helpful in showing how important it is that our heart be right with Fkavel, and not just everything else, and gives aids for doing so. When we are warned by sickness that our dissolution is at hand Richard Flavel, described as ‘a painful and flave minister,’ who was incumbent successively of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Hasler and Willersey, Gloucestershire from which last living he was ejected inwas born in or about at Bromsgrove.

Above all else, guard your heart.

But deadness causes distraction, and distraction increases deadness. For example, he points out that if you really are in desperate want of something you cannot live without, you should be encouraged because your want will be of short duration–God will either meet your need, or you will die. I think it has landed on my books to mostly strongly recommend list.

Thus each encouragement is based on the full heft of God’s own faithfulness.

But the truth plainly to be said, this was the cause why they were afraid, least laymen should know their iniquity. But if you love the creature in reference to God, and see nothing in it separated from him, though sometimes your affections offend in the excess, this is consistent with flaavel love to God. Take heed that you overlook not the many precious mercies which the people of God enjoy amidst all their trouble.

This excellent book by John Flavel is a helpful and practical guide to the important issue of how to maintain our love for God. A very helpful book about how to maintain your love for God, read a few pages keeplng day but very worthwhile. To repress the outward acts of sin and compose the external part of your life in a laudable manner is no great matter; even carnal persons by the force of common principles can do this: Though the world tbe in your hands, let it not banish Christ out of your hearts.


It is easy to learn pray eloquently. This is no ‘hang in there’ kitty poster. There is a lot of repetition, as many of the encouragements are the same across these varied situations, hert the substance is incredibly meaty.

Keeping the Heart Quotes

Lists with This Book. Apr 08, Rex Blackburn rated it really liked it. If these be for their advantage, experience teaches us that no condition is ordinarily blessed with such fruits as these, like an afflicted condition. I thought it was very insightful of Flavel This is John Flavel’s classic work on union and fellowship with God. And yet, perhaps the monotony is aimed at causing the reader to realize, that there never seems to be a moment in life when the heart does not flavsl to be kept.

Keeping the Heart (Puritan Classics)

Flavel examines all sorts of situations in which we must especially guard or keep our hearts–in prosperity, in persecution, in discouragement, in temptation–and he gives practical guidelines and heartfelt pastoral encouragement for each one.

Are you resolved upon it? This book is a detailed look at the heart. Refresh and try again.

Just before his death he acted as moderator at a meeting of dissenting ministers held at Topsham. But what say you to pardon of sin; interest in Christ; the covenant of promise; and an eternity of happiness in the presence of God, after a few days are over?

Keeping the Heart Quotes by John Flavel

It includes earnest supplication and instant prayer for purifying and rectifying grace when sin has thw and disordered heeart heart.

Having received his early education at the schools of the neighbourhood, he entered University College, Oxford, at an early age, and gained a good reputation for talent and diligence. The reason or motive quickening to this duty, is very forcible and weighty: Feb 11, Mike E. Keeping the Heart tells us how to be preserved in the cleft of God.