Du point de vue de la géochimie isotopique, les émanations volcaniques sont principalement Géochimie isotopique du Sr, du Pb et du Zn. Géochimie des MORBs du Pacifique Sud. Cédric Hamelin. To cite this version: Cédric Hamelin. Géochimie isotopique du lithium dans les. Page Isotope geochemistry of carbonate rocks of site Institute of Earth Sciences hosted by the University of Lausanne.

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Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 80, Changes in phosphorus content of two aquatic macrophytes according to trophic status, flow velocity and period in running hardwaters. Outre-Mer, 41 3 , Determination of chemical weathering rates from U series nuclides in soils and weathering profiles: Lithos, 29, Le magmatisme alcalin et carbonatitique: Still ongoing studies permit to refine the existing curve in order to be used as a precise dating method.


Isotope geochemistry of carbonate rocks – ISTE UNIL

Nd, Sr and Pb isotopic evidence. A complex multi-chamber geochimei system beneath a late Cenozoic volcanic field: Chemical and physical transfers in an ultramafic rock weathering profile: Paris, ,II, The improvement in precision of the analytical devices, the development of new high performance measuring facilities and their direct application in modern geology have brought the interpretation and comprehension of regional and local geology to a new level.


Uranium—thorium chronometry of weathering rinds: Geochemical tracing and hydrogeochemical modelling of water-rock interactions during salinization of alluvial groundwater Upper Rhine Valley, France. Origin of eclogite nodules from the Mbuji-Mayi kimberlites Kasai,Zaire: Seasonal variability of element fluxes in two Central Siberian rivers draining high latitude permafrost dominated areas.

Large colonial organisms with coordinated growth in oxygenated environments 2. Conservation status assessment of aquatic habitats within the Rhine floodplain using an index based on macrophytes. Reconciling strontium-isotope and K-Ar ages with biostratigraphy: Controls on transport and fractionation of the rare earth elements in stream water of a mixed basalticgranitic catchment basin Massif Central, France.

Lithos, 12, Nature, gdochimie Earth Sciences,69pp, in RussianEnglish transl.

Géochimie Isotopique et géodynamique chimique – GIGC – Publications

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Soutenue le 28 novembre Dehydration, melting and related garnet growth in the deep root of a Neoproterozoic magmatic arc. Strontium isotope geochemistry of anhydrites and calcite pseudomorphs after anhydrite from Paleozoic formations of Belgium.

Acta,73, 8, P-T path from crystallisation to exhumation.

Isotope geochemistry of carbonate rocks

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Géochimie isotopique

Comptes Rendus Geoscience CR Geoscience Diffusion of radiogenic helium in natural uranium oxides. New data and evolutionary hypothesis.

Tectonophysic, La tectonique des plaques: Determination of transfer time for sediments in alluvial plains using UUTh disequilibria: Clinoptilolite as a new proxy of enhanced biogenic silica productivity in lower Miocene carbonate sediments of the Bahamas platform: