That sales pitch very much sums up the setting of GURPS Banestorm, by Phil Masters and Jonathan Woodward. This setting book is the latest presentation of . GURPS Banestorm walks the line well. The basic concept is straightforward, and covered well in Chapter One, “History”. A few thousand years. GURPS, Warehouse 23, and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. Pyramid, Banestorm, and the names.

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It solves the problem with many fantasy settings which are really Earth counterpart societies with their numbers filed off. In the Yrth equivalent year of ce, the Defenders took a step they’d been preparing for centuries and cast a spell designed to bring about the extinction of the Orcish race. Of banewtorm, as The setting, politically and socially, works well and I enjoy it.

Banestorm (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

Or trek south to the Muslim lands of al-Wazif and al-Haz to explore the forbidden city of Geb’al-Din. Now humans struggle with dwarves, elves, and each other. There are two types of magic by default in Banestorm the core GURPS magic system and “mysticism”, which is buying magical powers as advantages. The world of Yrth was home to several sentient races and sub races. George’s Cathedral — a structure that’s majestic even when nonmagical, and a perfect project for the faithful of Yrth. Some countries are almost entirely human-dominated, and others are mixed, while there are still some area gursp under the control of Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, or Reptile Men.


Robert Dennis rated it really liked it Apr 18, Cops and Lawyers — Features a look at the legal system of the classical Islamic world.

That being said, I’m far more likely to use the political layout on a different map entirely. Trentin rated it really liked it Jan 24, Find More Posts by Qoltar.

GURPS Banestorm

Joey rated it really liked it Dec 09, Reepacheep rated it really liked it Jun 12, Absolutely you should get it, even if you don’t use the world and my group never will. This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat Or trek south to the Muslim lands of al-Wazif and al-Haz to explore the forbidden city of Geb’al-Din.

Other books in the series. You could make an argument for the text superseding the map, but if that’s the case, bahestorm both the text and map are grossly missing detail — I get it, I’m nitpicking.

For instance, in the 16th century, a number of humans were transported to Yrth from France, bringing with them dangerous knowledge of Protestantism, and gunpowder.


Terry Whisenant rated it liked it Dec 29, The ‘Defender Cult’ drifted from Mainstream Bbanestorm in three ways: Divergence Point Unknown; possibly million years ago, when Pangaea split differently.

Danel rated it it was ok Jan 29, A basic premise of the setting is that magical banestorms pick up people and whole villages from other worlds including Earth and deposit them on Yrth. Apr 27, Philip Rezanow rated it it was ok. D rated it it was amazing Jul 06, It should be noted that prior to the publication of Banestorm, Sea Elves were simply Elves who lived on the coasts and worked the seas.

Sahud is the Asian mish-mash country, and would be suitable for banestor wuxia style game, or even something akin to Legend of the Five Rings. Hardcoverpages.

Plunder elven ruins while evading the desert natives. Frank Mitchell rated it liked it Oct 07, It does help that I’m a fan of alternate history settings and this one delivers it in spades. Cal Godot rated it liked it Apr 07, Shannon Haddock rated it it was ok Nov 10,