Hulagu Khan (ca. ) was a Mongol conqueror and the founder of the dynasty of the Il-Khans of Iran. He also suppressed the Ismaili sect and defeated . fifth son of Tolui (and thus grandson of Čengiz Khan) and founder of the R. E. Latham, London and New York, , index s.v. “Hulagu”). Hulagu Khan Destroyed Thousands Of Priceless Ancient Books Kept In The House Of Wisdom In Baghdad. | June 21, | Ancient History.

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Hulagu Khan – Wikipedia

Hulagu vigorously carried out the latter part of these instructions. Hulagu Khan laid the foundations of the Ilkhanate State, and by doing so paved the way for the later Kham dynastic state, and ultimately the modern country of Iran. But when Hulagu massed his armies to attack the Mamluks and avenge the defeat at Ain Jalut, he was instead drawn into civil war with Batu Khan ‘s brother Berke.

Featured Stories Jul 3, Featured Stories Feb 14, Baibars and Qutuz had hidden the bulk of their forces in the hills to wait in ambush for the Mongols to come into range. Vimana Temples — A Along with all other libraries in Baghdad, the House of Wisdom was destroyed by the army of Hulagu during the Siege of Baghdad.

A Brief History of Iraq. He sent a threatening letter to the Mamluk Sultan Qutuz in Cairo. A Christian Mass was celebrated in the Grand Mosque of the Umayyads the former cathedral of Kgan John the BaptistRichardand numerous mosques were profaned.

His funeral was the only Ilkhanid funeral to feature human sacrifice Morgan In the autumn of Hulagu Khan left Mongolia with a huge army that successfully conquered and destroyed Muslim states in southwestern Asia.


Nasiruddin Tusi was adviser to Halaku Khan. His daughter-in-law, Absh Khatunwas sent to Shiraz to reign in To which is added, an abridgment of the lives of the kings of Harmuz, or Ormuz. Citizens attempted to flee, but were intercepted by Mongol soldiers who killed in abundance, sparing neither women nor children. The aim was not the library, the aim was the records of the Islamic governments. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Nasir al-Din al-Tusi managed to rescue aboutmanuscripts which he took to Maragheh before the siege, but the great majority of all precious ancient books and manuscripts kept at the House of Wisdom were gone forever.


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Al-Musta’sim finally decided to do battle with them and sent out a force of ahlaku, cavalry to attack the Mongols. Under Hulagu’s leadership, the Mongols destroyed the greatest center of Islamic power, Baghdadand also weakened Damascuscausing a shift of Islamic influence to the Mamluks in Cairo.

Siege of Baghdad (1258)

She is said to have refused unless he converted to Islam, to which he acquiesced. Some Mamluk authors mention his intellectual proclivities but make disparaging remarks about what he really understood about these matters e. The Mongols under Chinese general Guo Kan laid siege to the city on January 29,[9] constructing a khah and a ditch and wheeling up siege engines and catapults.

Blake and Richard N. The Barons of Acre, contacted by the Mongols, had also been approached by the Mamluks, seeking military assistance against the Mongols.

Reuven Amitai Originally Published: When the battle finally ended, the Egyptian army halaaku accomplished what had never been done before, defeating a Mongol army in close combat. Hulagu Khan paraded the captured leader in front of all the remaining strongholds, and one by one they capitulated.

Why not save the best library in the world which included documentary record of the various Governments of Islam from the Prophet Blessings be upon him to that day.


Hulagu Khan – New World Encyclopedia

A low estimate is about 90, dead; [10] higher estimates range fromto a million. Halzku, the letter stated Hulagu’s intention to capture Jerusalem for the benefit of the Pope, and asked for Louis to send a fleet against Egypt:. March 23, This article is available in print.

The citizens of the ancient capital of the Caliphate saw for the first time for six centuries three Christian potentates ride in triumph through their kan, Runcimanp. Hulagu sent multiple communications to Europe in kban attempt to establish a Franco-Mongol alliance against khqn Muslims. Hulagu Khan’s siege of Baghdad Many new-born children in Italy were named after Mongol rulers, including Hulagu: It was essential to destroy same so that different innovations be introduced through imagined and created stories about the past.

Hulagu sent multiple communications to Europe, in an attempt to establish a Franco-Mongol alliance against the Muslims. This force then conquered Muslim Syriadomain of the Ayyubid dynasty. Martin Sicker writes that close to 90, people may have died. Hulagu’s army greatly expanded the southwestern portion of the Mongol Empirefounding the Ilkhanate of Persiaa precursor to the eventual Safavid dynastyand then the modern state of Iran.

However, hastily assembled these troops were poorly equipped and poorly disciplined. Berke Khan, a Muslim convert, had promised retribution in his rage after Hulagu’s sack of Baghdad, and allied himself with the Mamluks. The Greening of the Arab East: February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

He easily destroyed the Lurs, and his reputation so frightened the Assassins also known as the Hashshashin that they surrendered their impregnable fortress of Alamut to him without a fight.