Hearts of Iron 2 has had many versions. The original game is referred to as HoI2, or “vanilla” and was released in This game had a series of patches that. Appointment of Ministers. Ministers are appointed automatically in Hearts of Iron 2 It is not practical, in the space available in this manual, to detail each of the. Post with views. HOI2 Manual Encourages Save-Scumming.

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This game had a series of patches that ended with version 1. In the Anthology pack, Armageddon is a standalone and thus does not require mabual other game version to be installed while as a separate game it is an add-on for Doomsday and thus requires Doomsday to be installed. As I understand it, with HOI2 small nations simply cant fight big ones anymore, cause of manpower and research limits.

Manual index – Hearts of Iron 2 Wiki

If you launch Iron Cross, you’ll get the IC scenarios, map, tech tree and events. They are located in the manaul of the game you’re playing. Should I start by reading the HoI2 manual? Please visit our Forum at ParadoxPlaza. I am looking for the actual ‘boxed’ game manual where normally a manual will come with the game and not a pdf file, I have the collection which was a dvd hol2 version of HOI2, DD and ARM on 1 dvd, but no manual?


The Complete Newbie Guide

Mar 30, Messages: Take UV out again patch it up and have another go, as for tactics thats something you will pick up, you learn what you can do and what you can’t by getting your butt handed to you by the ai or your apponets, some players will go straight for Lunga and fight a war of attrition knowing they will get more replacement ships than the Japs other will sit back build up the force, build up forward bases and move air power closer to Lunga manuap they invade.

Moreover, you can also find important informations in the following documents: Your name or manal address: Guess thats the best way I could describe it.

If you don’t have either of those, go for HOI May 22, Messages: I could justify buying it then What should I play? I basically created a task force with supply and troops ships and what escort ships I had there, loaded a shed load of troops and went off to Guadalcanal led there by history I guess Not at all the same game.

The goal in WITP is to perform better than than your historical counterpart with virtually the same constraints when combined with house rules ; the goal in HOI is to conquer at much territory as possible without the constraints that your historical counterparts had for instance, the French Army was composed primarily of conscripts that would cripple the French economy when called up to serve.

Golden Century sets sail! Has anyone actually tried it multiplayer? Does WitP have a good manual?


Post any questions you may have in the UV forum – there’s lots of helpful hoii2 who will help you out Lean on your war lodge for support in your conquests, bow before the Pope to claim your divine throne or establish a legendary bloodline that will echo through the ages. The game is about logistics and base building, holding and defending terratory and the odd massive naval or air battle.

Manual index

From Hearts of Iron 2 Wiki. If your into empire building then HOI2 is the game for you. Do you want to run the game in previous settings anyway?

And i play this game for a years and every month i find something new: I don’t think you need to have a massive knowledge of the war in the pacific manua play the game but it does help. Witp is a game ,anual will consume most of your free time even against the AI, pbm games can take years!

As I mentioned above, I bought a boxed copy of HoI2 long ago I’ve never played Goi2 though I did buy a physical copy. So it’s off to HOI2 than Remember, I’ve never played HoI2 in any incarnationso for a direct comparison to HoI2 -I have no frame of reference.