This book provides a pragmatic introduction to REST (REpresentational State Title InfoQ Explores: REST; Author(s) Ryan Slobojan; Publisher: (Mar. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just. of a bus, you can enter it into your browser’s address field and hit return — but how does your browser know what to do with the URI? 3. InfoQ Explores: REST.

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Subscribe to our newsletter? The CHAOS Reports have been published every year since and are a snapshot of the state of the software development industry. At one company self-selection was applied to redistribute people over teams.

Advances in large-scale, distributed software systems are changing the game for software engineering. Ryan Slobojan is a managing director at RoundTripNetworkswhich focuses on the full lifecycle of online applications including both the application itself and the infrastructure that it runs on. At the Agile Practitioners conference Boris Modylevsky will give a talk about measuring and improving code quality.

I recently left and joined Battery Ventures, a VC firm. Architects and developers routinely miss opportunities to introduce stability into their systems by not addressing the need for defining interaction protocols within their domains. This eMag contains a collection of articles and interviews from late with some of the leading practictioners and theorists in the Web API field. Spring custodian Pivotal has released the widely anticipated Spring Boot 2.

It provided the opportunity for developers to get involved in strategic decisions and understand the needs of the business. According to Alexa, a data analytics website, Lawyer. Infrastructure and Services First of all, infrastructure and services.


On their continuing quest to make Java more terse, the language architects at Oracle are exploring pattern matching as a new language feature. Other topics covered include the benefits of knowing many programming languages, and the usefulness of of Erlang to build distributed systems Related Topics: Subscribe to our architect newsletter?

The State of Testing report provides insights in the adoption of test techniques, practices, and test automation, and the challenges that testers are facing. Functional Service Design and Observability In preparation for the upcoming microXchg conference, taking place over the 16th and 17th February in Berlin, InfoQ sat down with Uwe Friedrichsen and Adrian Cole and discussed functional service design, the new challenges with observing a distributed system, and what the future holds for the micro.

In this week’s podcast Robert Bluman talks to Preslav Le. The idea behind this minibook is that a number of InfoQ articles and interviews which deal with a particular topic in this case, REpresentational State Transfer, or REST are combined together to provide a detailed exploration suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Being lean is the modus operandi for successful startups at least those on a tight and shrinking budget. Update company size to: This pop-up will close itself in a few moments.

Update Company name to: By subscribing to this email, we may send you content based on your previous topic interests. From Start to Finish InfoQ. Developers typically target greenfield apps versus rebuild existing ones in a serverless fashion.

Particular is the company behind NServiceBus, explored enterprise-grade messaging and workflow engine for. I will go through and explain what the layers are, what the teams do, and what the attitude is. Organizations are looking for ways to do continuous change to increase their agility.

When new technologies take off, they make those of us in the profession scramble to keep up. This article explorees four different strategies for organizing code: By subscribing to this email, we may send you content based on your previous topic interests.


InfoQ Explores: REST

On his continuing quest for productivity and performance in the Java programming language, Brian Goetz, Java Language Architect at Oracle, introduced an experimental concept of data classes that has potential to someday be integrated into the language.

Nine explotes after acquiring consulting exllores, BoldRadius, Lightbend announced their acquisition of OpsClarity, a company specializing in monitoring reactive applications. Growing with minimal resources and ever expanding tasks, experiments and projects demands radical prioritization of work and waste avoidance.

The material here takes the reader on a journey from determining the business case for APIs to a design methodology, meeting implementation challenges, and taking the long view on maintaining public APIs on the Web over time.

InfoQ Explores: REST : programming

Please take a edplores to review and update. As resource consumption requirements increase and dynamic content generation takes on new dimensions in CPU utilization and data sizes, industry has responded with non-blocking concurrency in the form of reactive programming.

Overwhelming evidence documents a tendency toward cost and effort overruns in software projects. For real learnings you must accept the unknown and move outside of your knowledge boundary. The line between software development and software architecture is a tricky one. Software architects must create designs that can endure throughout software evolution. You are the co-founder of Spring.