Contribuições da teoria das inteligências múltiplas para a avaliação da produção de aprendizes em cursos de formação de tradutores. 3 fev. Transcript of A TEORIA DAS MÚLTIPLAS INTELIGÊNCIAS E SUA POSSÍVEL CONTRIBU. 1º ENCONTRO (4 horas) Primeiras aproximações. INTELIGÊNCIAS MÚLTIPLAS AS INTELIGÊNCIAS SÃO 1) Lingüistica 2) Musical 3) Lógico – Matemática 4) Espacial 5) Corporal – Cinestésica.

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For example, it is not as easy to insert, delete or reshuffle inteligencis, phrases, or even paragraphs, so they must think their choices through before writing them. It allows people to work effectively with others. A preliminary list of candidate intelligences was bolstered by converging evidence from these different sources.

The theory can also be found in use within pre-school, higher, vocational and adult education initiatives.

As far as pedagogy multiplzs evaluation are concerned, Gardner holds that learners must be capable of showing competence in a given topic, area, domain or ability in any of the several forms possible. Howard Gardner completed his PhD in his dissertation was on style sensitivity in children. The application of M. People have a unique blend of intelligences.

The multiple intelligences themselves also provide a good focus for reflection. The theory is an account of human cognition in its fullness. Practical intelligence for school.

The approach outlined here is based on two main strategies: The theory of multiple intelligences has never, to our knowledge, been applied to translator training.

Inteligências Múltiplas by Nathalia Hayashida on Prezi

Applying Armstrong’s suggestions to translator training, one could think of teaching strategies and activities that encourage co-operative learning, pair work, group work, brainstorming sessions all of them interpersonal capabilitiesas well as independent individual study, self-access centers, target-setting sessions, journal-keeping all intrapersonal competences. References Brualdi, A, C. Because of their close association in intwligencias cultures, they are often linked together.


Rio de Janeiro, As regards translator education, which aims to train professionals to carry out an activity of a predominantly linguistic nature, it is not difficult to envisage some possible applications of M. Learners have to fill in a 4-column correction chart in which they must point out their mistakes individually, provide a possible correction, inform the correction source e. In the last decade, research into evaluation in Translation Studies has increased, as the number of articles in journals, book chapters, and conference papers may well show, but multiplax from the booming scale of research into other aspects of translation or translator training.


This pedagogy is now being revised, as inteligrncias will be discussed later, but is still quite popular. A teacher could also assign the translation of a poem and then ask students to individually read aloud the translated version as the teacher simultaneously reads the original aloud, the two voices and versions together, hopefully in unison.

According to the Association’s website, errors generally fall into one or more of the following categories: MI is a means to foster high quality work. As in all educational environments, “the periodic as well as terminal end-of-program determination of students’ progress toward learning goals is a major concern for translator education institutions” KIRALY,p. I want them to understand it so that they will be positioned to make it a better place.


Subsequently, he has looked more closely at what the theory might mean for schooling practice e. It is hard to teach one intelligence; what if there are seven? The existence of idiots savants, prodigies and other exceptional individuals. This ratio will help them give estimates to clients, decide whether they are capable of handling a particular translation job and determine their potential earnings; after all, as Kiraly notes, student translators must also learn how to act in a professional manner, to construct consensual patterns of professional behavior.

It turns out that most of the answers tend to favor linguistic, intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences, suggesting, for instance, activities such as self-evaluation intrapersonalteamwork and peer evaluation interpersonal. Support from psychometric findings.

Howard Gardner, multiple intelligences and education

Indeed, Gardner himself has listed some of the main issues and his responses Services on Demand Journal. The Translator, Manchester, UK, v.

Writers, poets, lawyers and speakers are among those that Howard Gardner sees as having high linguistic intelligence. Besides, it has to be further tested and improved in order to be a consistent assessment procedure, one that meets the requirements of validity and reliability.

Candidates must choose three out of five word texts to translate: Postmodernism and the Teaching of Translation. An identifiable core operation or intelivencias of operations. Also, from a wider perspective, this approach challenges inteliigencias notions of intelligence and translational competence.

Susceptibility to encoding in a symbol system.