Formerly, the name of the journal was Jurnal TANAH TROPIKA (Journal of Tropical Soils) and then became online as Journal of Tropical Soils. Journal of. PENGUJIAN DAYA HANTAR LISTRIK AIR TANAH DI SEKITAR TEMPAT PEMBUANGAN AKHIR GUNUNG TUGEL KABUPATEN BANYUMAS MENGGUNAKAN. Mnlnk nfuo` loe}b`ixb}oc ncoe Mnlnk nfuo` dn}nj `ixb}oeh Jhjh}ixfnk wh}ninunk fhshinjnunk fh}an shwh}uo sn}xkd unkdnk) whkxuxw jxfn enk h lnxsu `nk+ Shinjn .

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The journal is naturally broad in scope, welcomes submissions from across a range of disciplines, and reports both theoretical and experimental studies.

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The longer time of seed drying will effect significantly to the moisture content and germination dsya, increasing the lipid and protein and decreasing carbohydrate. K for samples A natural honeyB, C, and D, were of 3: From Avicennia to zizania: The period of time in seed drying and seed storage siginificantly influence the moisture content, hantqr percentage and nutritional composition lipid, carbohydrate, protein.

The key of precision farming is the right decision in terms of time, quality, quantity, and specific location in the farming activities. Jurnal Manajemen Hutan Tropika. Email this article Login required.

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In this research, it was found that the ratio of Na: Budidaya jelutung rawa Dyera lowii Hook. Soil electrical conductivity EC is a variable that is both practical and efficient to implement precision farming. Eaya soil electrical conductivity, nutrient level, Daga measurement. Pengaruh kadar air awal, kemasan dan lama simpan terhadap protein membran dalam mitokondria benih kedelai. Abstract The key of precision farming is the right decision in terms of time, quality, quantity, and specific location in the farming activities.


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Dampak pengeringan terhadap perubahan fisiologi dan biokimia benih mimba Azadirachta indica A. Steenis in peatland agroforestry systems in Jambi, Indonesia. This paper presents a study on EC interpretation by focusing on interaction between moisture content, soil density, and soil N, P, K ratio which affect soil EC measurement.

Daya simpan benih jelutung rawa Dyera polyphylla Miq. Journal of Chemistry Vol.

Atlas benih tanaman hutan Indonesia Jilid 1. An updated classification for Apocynaceae. Email the author Login required. Pengadaan benih jelutung Dyera sp. Balai Penelitian Kehutanan Palembang. The quality of physic nut Jatropha curcas L. The woody plant seed manual. It was concluded that A, B, C, and D hqntar meet the criteria of good quality honey, while sample E not branded honey didnot meet the criteria.

The electrical conductivities were determinedby applying the standard procedures established by IHC International Honey Commissionash contents were quartified by following the procedures of standard SNI, while the determination of potassium and sodium contents were carried out by the use of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry.

Completely Randomized Design was used for different level of seed drying time, i. Pengaruh metode dan arah sadap terhadap produksi getah jelutung Hutan Tanaman Industri. Buletin Agronomi,36 1 The results also demonstrated that the value of electrical conductivities were proportional to the ash contents.


Perubahan kandungan biokimia dan fisiologi benih mimba Azadirachta indica A. Article Tools Print this article. The ratio of sodium to potassium of a good quality honeyis approximately 4: Soil samples of various levels of water, compaction, and N, P, K ratio are measured using a soil box resistivity.

Dormancy and Barriers to Germination. Jurnal Riau Biologia 1 2: Loblolly Pine seed dormancy: Annals Botany, London 2— As well as original research, Jurnal This journal is published under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 4. Honey sweet substance naturally produced by bees. Jurnal Kimia Journal of Chemistry publishes papers on all aspects of fundamental and applied chemistry. User Username Password Remember me.

Understanding jelutung Dyera polyphylla value chains for the promotion in peatland restoration and sustainable peatland management in Indonesia. The aim of this research was to determine thequality of some branded honey samples sold in some markets around Denpasar and natural honey local collected from beekeepersby examining their electrical conductivities, ash contents, and ratio of potassium to sodium.

How to cite item. Abstract Honey sweet substance naturally produced by bees. Publikasi khusus Oktober Teknologi penanganan benih tanaman pangan guna menghasilkan benih bermutu tinggi.