Le matin vers 9 heures le four solaire est enclenché. Le mélange de vapeur cuit la plus grande partie des repas de la cuisine solaire. The Solar Kitchen (La Cuisine Solaire) in Auroville, TamilNadu, India is specially designed for using solar thermal energy for cooking meals. The kitchen. Solar kitchen. 1. SOLAR KITCHEN AUROVILLE Architecture by: Suhasini Ayer Type of building use: institutional building for visitors to Auroville.

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Some aurovillle into the Industry and commerce evolution in Auro Vaasal Magazine – Tamil Culture newsletter. Deepanam School for children of 7 to 14 years age. Some insights into the Industry and commerce evolution in Auro Auroville Arts and Culture. Transition school for children of 6 – 14 years. The interface is through a heat storage tank using thermic fluid storage 1. Lilaloka – Resource aurovilel for the child.

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Ils paient une cotisation mensuelle et peuvent prendre ce dont ils ont besoin. With this bowl we will be producing steam for cooking, but eventually the heat that you trap could be used for a variety of purposes such as pumping water, producing mechanical power, industrial process heating, etc. People that made the undertaking of the Matrimandir gallery 2.

Innovating in a Village School: Frequently asked questions on coming to Auroville. Water ceremony for Auroville’s 50th anniversary.


Arka – a place for senior citizens and holistic wellness. Donating to Auroville uaroville, online or offline.

Inauguration of the Peace Table for Europe. Matrimandir under construction – Explore Solar Kitchen and Prosperity Area. One problem that arose when they built first model at the Centre Guest House was devising a system to track the sun.

Explorer la Cuisine Solaire et la Zone de Prospérité

Joy Community activities and therapies Your exploration of Auroville begins here. It serves lunch daily in its dining hall, and sends lunches out to schools and to individuals as well. Walk across an open field on a bright sunny day – you can feel yourself being roasted and scorched by the burning sun, or you can feel a great joy in the perception that you are being bathed in a powerful flood of rich golden energy!

Eateries — community dining halls, restaurants and cafes in Au The collector is positioned at the western end of the first floor, composite granite blocks were used for the foundations, and walls of compressed earth blocks support the whole structure. Piero and Gloria’s House How does one reach there?

The Kitchen asks anyone intending to eat there to book in advance. The Inner Chamber of the Matrimandir: New Colors – a learning and social support centre for underpri Inuksuk and the Canadian Pavilion Group. Last School for children of 14 to 18 years. Approximately go to the schools, go out by tiffins, which are interlocking cylindrical stainless steel containers, and to are consumed in the dining hall. Houses of IlseLouise Hans The solar bowl is hybridized with a conventional diesel fired boiler back-up system for cooking on an off-on basis.


Last School for children of 14 to 18 years. Sante – Auroville Institute for Integral Health.

La Cuisine Solaire

Arka – a place for senior citizens and holistic wellness. Matrimandir construction photos from to It is a question of orientation.

What you can do. Dehashakti Sports and Physical Education Programme. What is special about the Kindergarten in Auroville?

La Cuisine Solaire | Auroville

The realisation of the Yoga of Knowledge is when solaite feels that one lives in the wideness of something silent, featureless and universal called the Self and all else is seen as only forms and names; the Self is real, nothing else. What is special about the Kindergarten in Auroville? Frequently asked questions on education. Frequently asked questions on art and culture.

Petition to Stop Highway Through Auroville. One can envision the whole of our Industrial Zone running on solar energy. Pitchandikulam Forest Virtual Herbarium. Space frame – O The Mother on Matrimandir and Religions. Your First Steps into Auroville: Aikiyam School – serving children from nearby villages.