Susskind’s new book, The Cosmic Landscape: String Theory and the .. From Leonard Susskind, in his email exchange with Lee Smolin. Leonard Susskind, a founder of the theory and one of its leading practitioners, But most of “The Cosmic Landscape” is structured not around. Leonard Susskind in his book The Cosmic Landscape takes the reader along to share his perceptions of the ultimate boundary; the one about.

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The Cosmic Landscape – Wikipedia

Not quite sure how that really fits in with String Theory Here, too, is the story of the battle between the proponents of Intelligent Design, who draw on quantum mechanics to try to show that our universe is uniquely fashioned for life and intelligence, and scientists who believe that our universe arose as a result of natural processes, its hospitability to life and intelligence a product of scientifically comprehensible phenomena.

Other physical constants of the Standard Model can also vary. Still not sure on how to wrap my head around the idea of “compactification” though, as this is such an important tool in string theory. In summary, despite some of the challenging topics I really enjoyed this book. It turns my core beliefs into the same kind of superstitions and dogma that I have tried to avoid. Einstein added it as a mere afterthought, hoping it could explain why the universe didn’t collapse under its own gravity.

He calls this multiverse the “landscape”. E tutto per far rientrare in qualche modo nel modello i risultati degli ultimi dieci anni di cosmologia sperimentale. This is the mega-verse.

The Cosmic Landscape

The illusion of intelligent design is hardly mentioned except for the author stating that it’s the law of large numbers of universes forming on the cosmic landscape which is enough to account for our finely tuned universe supporting life. December 8, at 8: Landsape constant regulates the strong nuclear force, and it has to be right in order for carbon to form in stars assuming stars exist in the first place.


Frankly, I would leonarf preferred to avoid cosic kind of philosophical discourse that the Anthropic Principle excites. While I do not consider his evidence to be all that strong, the problem is a numerical, not philosophical one. Is it turtles all the way down?

This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat A Brief History of Time. It seems to me that reverses the logical cause and effect- since we have evolved in this universe, obviously the physical constants and laws must permit our existence.

Thus the C-Y spaces allow a Landscape of possibilities. Even though the Dr. Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs.

So there needs to be a mechanism that allows a pocket universe to “evolve” over time to successively lower values of the cosmological constant the cksmic of empty space. String theory is one technique still hovering around the boundaries of the physicists as it shows much promise in linking aspects of our universe.

The cosmological constant is the key, since it may be the amount of energy in “empty” space. There is much of interest in this post and many of the ensuing comments. Here it is easy to guess the impact of LHC results: Aug 23, Nostromo rated it it was amazing.

If it were a bit smaller, the universe would have collapsed in much less than the roughly 4 billion years it has taken for our form of intelligent life to evolve.


Susskind and others incl Weinberg have embraced this – meaning our universe is one of many. December 8, at 1: The a An interesting read, with some excellent explanations of physics. Hume lacked the theoretical physics to explain it mathematically, but he was right. Susskind closes his book with a chapter on Summing Up and an Epilogue in which he does some speculating on the future of Theoretical Physics, String Theory and various odds and ends. At the time the book was written, it had been noted that the conditions of the Universe are very fine tuned, allowing life.

Susskind, writing inconfidently promises to explain Life, the Universe and Everything. Interesting perspective on how the universe is not “elegant” with a mish mash of particles, forces, dark matter, dark energy etc.

My biggest concern has to do with how well the theory really captures reality. And, most important, are the Laws of Physics implied by String Theory unique? He acknowledges that, based on Landscape arguments:.

Knocking on Heaven’s Door. Wonders of the Lenoard. It requires an investment of your time. Instead of the fact that the Universe is somehow just perfect for life, the truth is that “it’s not that the universe is somehow contorting itself to lansscape us; it’s just a diverse place and we find ourselves in a friendly corner”.

In “The Cosmic Landscape” Susskind gives the reader a kind of “primer” on these difficult subjects and traces their research history as well.