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Calaméo – Cultivar Seed Mars

ASFIS provides a very wide range of training, expertise and consulting for seed professionals in: Po Boxmooi river Tel: The project has helped clear certain bottlenecks relating to the control and certification system, the organisation of a credit system and above all the regular flow of certified seed produced. Private Bag x Potchefstroom Tel: Box 69 Khartoum E-mail: I have every reason to believe that through our loans and grants we will scale-up and replicate this successful model in other countries in vta Africa.

First, to promote the adoption of high quality seeds.


Westeinde BL Enkhuizen Tel: Khartoum Arqueet Africa Str P. Hadejia road Type of seeds: Po Box 40 Mkondeni Tel: BP Dakar Tel: Currently, Africa lags behind all continents of the world in the use of improved seeds.

Cultivar Seed Mars 2010

WASA has helped companies to test hybrid vegetables and field jaroc, and this has already led to commercial orders. This participative selection work was carried out while yields of local sorghum varieties were stagnating and extending the planted surface was the only way to increase the harvest.

Seed testing, Production, Distribution, Commercialisation Address: BoxKampala Plot 6th street Tel: A second order will follow soon.

Most African countries do not have plant breeders rights to protect investments in research and development and this limits theparticipationofsomeinnovative seed industry players. Training is an on-going activity and it is felt that the associations will themselves propose areas in which training should be provided.

Po Box Greytown Tel: What other means can be introduced, do you believe, to help African farmers gain access to quality seed? Posbus marble Hall Tel: Ekko oosterhuis Q-Sem Ltd Address: Commercialisation, Seed treatment Address: Two million hectares with irrigation potential Nevertheless, agriculture in Mali has the strengths to envisage a better outlook: P Berrechid Tel: AFSTA will engage the regional bodiestoacceleratetheregulatory harmonization processes going on in these regions.

Posbus BritS Tel: The experience of this project has revealed the need to support the distributor network for seeds produced, mainly to improve the collection and storage of certified seeds by the groups. This is all that we do in the seed industry. Po Box Bryanston Tel: RteBd Aicha Bent Haimoud z. BP e Bamako General manager: Box Serrekunda, Tel: Po Box Pietermaritzburg Tel: P o Box Nairobi Tel: Samina Esmail wsg swiftkenya. P o BoxArusha Tel: Helaysoutwhathispriorities will be during his term of office.


What will be your priorities? There is also an annual meeting of the National Seed Trade Associations: Quality seed remains a major issue in improving agricultural productivity and its use is closely associated with the use of fertilisers.

Pannar Seed Pty Ltd Address: Box zandara State Tel: Pulse, vegetables, oilseeds, Cereales Activities: Located in IFAD loan-financed maro sites, this initiative used innovative methods of participatory site selection, mapping and maintenance of genetic diversity.

Posbus 22 malmesbury Tel: Olivier Guibert – Infocentre: Added to this is a Secretary of State reporting directly to the Prime Minister who will be in charge of integrated development of the Office du Niger Zone. E Bamako Tel: